Beginning Knitting with  Brigitte 
In this class you will learn the knitting basics. You’ll learn techniques such as knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing, and seaming. Using straight needles, we will be knitting a hat with your choice of a wide variety of yarns available in the shop. However, with these skills, you will be able to make almost any garment!


Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $40.00 (materials not included)
Prior Experience: none


Sock Knitting with Brigitte
Socks are one of the hottest things in knitting right now… portable, fun, useful and quick to knit. Using the magic loop or 2 circular needles learn to knit a pair of socks out of any of our yarns. We will show you how to make a single socks or 2 at a time socks. Socks are the perfect take a long project!


Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $35.00 (pattern included, materials not included)
Prior Experience: basic knitting skills, prior experience knitting in round helpful


Intermediate Knitting with  Brigitte DeMaster
You know how to knit and know you’re ready for a “real” project, but you are afraid to go it alone. Or maybe you are an experienced knitter that hasn’t knit in a while and you want to refresh your skills. Choose your project and come to this class. We will help you through the rough spots and teach some more advanced techniques along the way.


Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $10.00 an hour (materials not included)
Prior Experience: everything covered in Beginning Knitting
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